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The Anant Fellowship prepares and empowers solutionaries who design, build, and preserve more equitable and sustainable Built Environment in India.

A one year full-time post-graduate program designed as a multi-disciplinary immersion to introduce young practitioners and students to new ideas, knowledge and skills to question, evaluate, invent and redefine Built Environment.

The Fellowship is open to students and practitioners from all backgrounds. Preference will be given to professionals from the disciplines of architecture, design, planning, environmental sciences, civil and construction engineering, archaeology, heritage and conservation, and relevant social science disciplines of anthropology, sociology, history, geography, geology and other allied fields.

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At Anant Fellowship we are committed to provide an environment which nurtures creative leaders who combine entrepreneurial skills and a human-centred approach to develop contextual and systemic solutions to current and future problems in the exciting spheres of architecture, planning, design and sustainability. And for this, besides bringing world class faculty, we have partnered with Gandhi Fellowship, one of India's most respected Fellowship programs.

Lasting, transformative, and effective external impact has its roots in a deep commitment to work on the self and equally critical efforts to relate to others and the world outside. Anant Fellowships shapes you to be an effective changemaker by honing your ability to empathise and influence others without authority, by enabling you to master the art of unlearning and listening, and by preparing you for continuous of action and reflection. The Live Action Project is a space where you can practice these skills, learn from the experience, test new ideas, and kickstart your lifelong journey of making a difference to the world's Built Environment.

“You can’t remake the world Without remaking yourself. Each new era begins inwards
It is an inward event, With unsuspected possibilities For inner liberation”

Ben Okri